ALFUN a.s.

About us

ALFUN company was established in year 1999 and a company´s name was created by combination of the letters „AL“ (Chemical symbol of aluminium) and english expression of a word „FUN“. We can easily translate it like „fun with aluminium“. From a company name is obvious original business intention – business with aluminium and its alloys.

As time goes by, the company widen a product range, invests into a new technologies for transverse cut-to-length line and longitudinal slitting line of aluminium and steel, equipment for sawing aluminium plates – and become an modern European service center based in North Moravia town Bruntal.

Now service center offers longitudinal and transverse cutting of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and copper, supplies of aluminium plates, profiles and bars, stainless steel bars. We also offer the support services, for example applying of a protective foils on the material surface, material consoultancy, logistic services and quality certificates.

Supplies of the materials are not provides only from Bruntal, but from our another sales and logistic subsidiary branches in Prague, České Budějovice and Sereď in Slovakia..