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The price of stainless steel goes up

The alloy surcharge increased significantly in September ( AISI 304 + 175 Eur/t, AISI 316L + 237 Eur/t). The reason is that the price of nickel on the London Stock Exchange LME today is $ 18,790 per tonne, the highest figure since September 2014. Behind this increase is Indonesia's announcement that from next year will stop the export of nickel ores. Indonesia is the largest producer of these ores in the world. Nickel prices on the London Stock Exchange have risen by 75 percent since the beginning of this year, it is expected further growth to $ 20,000 per tonne.
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US Steel to idle two US blast furnaces, one in Europe

US Steel late Tuesday said that in response to market conditions it will idle two blast furnaces at sheet mills in the US as well as a BF in Europe until markets rebound.

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Stainless 2019

May 15-16 was held in Brno international trade fair Stainless steel 2019. Among the participants were producers, traders and a lot of end-customers who process stainless steel.

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Water jet cutting, Flow

Dear customers,

do you know, that we offer not only transverse and longitudinal cutting, but also water jet cutting?

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United States Government Extends Rusal Sanctions Deadline

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has granted another month’s reprieve to Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal with its announcement on Friday that the expiration date of the company’s general licenses has been pushed back to December 12.

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ALUMINIUM 2018 trade fair in Düsseldorf

Dear customers, let us we invite you to visit our stand no. 13N50, in hall no. 13, at the ALUMINIUM 2018 trade fair in Düsseldorf, which will be held from 9. - 11. 10. 2018.

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Aluminium price is rocketing up

The release of President Trump's latest sanction list imposed against Russian companies, has caused, among other things, considerable fuss in the aluminium market. This list includes the names of well-known individuals such as Viktor Vekselberg, a prominent Russian oligarch who is also involved in aluminium, but particularly the name of Oleg Děripaska, the main shareholder of RUSAL company. RUSAL is a very important producer of primary aluminium, which supplies about 6% of global consumption. RUSAL is also considered as the 2nd largest exporter to the US.

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Aluminium bars capacity & delivery times

Aluminium bars have been in high demand at the beginning of this year which results in longer delivery times. The longest delivery terms are currently applicable to 2xxx, 7xxx series aluminium alloys along with drawn bars. The lead times are approximately 4-5 months from the order day, depending on alloy and diameter. Conversion prices charged by manufacturers are going up as well. 

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Coming Back to Tasmania

Josef Zimovčák – Czech velocipedist – 10-times world champion in riding high bicycle, founder of “Cycling to help kids” foundation. At the beginning of 90’ he took a ride on a high historical bicycle.

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Meeting with representatives of Technical University Brno

On Friday 24th November, we had an opportunity to meet with the students of Brno Technical University, specifically with representatives of the highly successful Brno Racing Team, which we have been supporting for last five years.

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Western European mills push for coil increases

A number of western European coil mills are pushing for price increases of around €20-€30/mt across the product range.

ArcelorMittal has announced increases of €30/mt for all new orders for September delivery, market sources said. The move will take hot rolled coil offers to €515-520/mt on an ex-works Ruhr basis, or €550/mt effective delivered for western Europe.

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Alloy surcharge

The price of stainless steel has been going up rapidly as a result  of alloy surcharge price increase in the fourth quarter of last year and beginning of this year. Alloy surcharges went up  by 0,31 €/kg for AISI 304 and by 0,40 €/kg for AISI 316L between October 2016 and January 2017. The increase is even more significant over tha last six months where AISI 304 went up by 0,437 €/kg and AISI 316L by 0,54 €/kg. The price trend is outlined in the graph.

Current alloy surcharges have been the highest over the course of last two years. Reasons for stainless steel price increase have been higher demand from consumers, longer production and supply terms from steel producers and also the 2015 implentation of import duties on stainless steel imported from Asian markets.

We do anticipate further increase in prices in the first quarter of 2017.

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Global trends in raw material input prices influencing the price of steel

Why are sheets made of steel and galvanized steel more and more expensive?

Why do we have to dig deep into our pockets to buy these commodities?

What's going on the steel market?

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ALUMINIUM 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf

Dear customers, let us we invite you to visit our stand no. 13N50, in hall no. 13, at the ALUMINIUM 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf, which will be held from 29. 11. - 1. 12. 2016.

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Sale of stainless steel profiles

ALFUN a.s. has extended the range of stainless steel materials. At this moment we have stainless steel profiles in stock in České Budějovice – square and rectangular tubes, round tubes, flat bars and L-profiles. We offer stainless steel profiles with various surface finishes, grinded, brushed and mirror polished.
Profiles are cut into the required lengths.
We continuously extend the existing range of stainless steel round bars.

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Alfun´s participation at Volkswagen Prague Marathon 2016

On Sunday May, 8th 2016 Volkswagen Prague Marathon started at Staroměstské náměstí at 9 a.m..

Volskwagen Prague Marathon is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world and the participation of 10.600 runners from all over the world proves its reputation. Alfun couldn't miss such important sport event. Four relay teams signed up for the Volkswagen Prague Marathon, one of them was completely women relay and as you can see below, our results were quite fascinating!

Unlike the runners in the lead who were fighting for the victory, breaking the records and fighting for the qualification for the Olympic games in Rio, our runners enjoyed the atmosphere, the support of the audience and the beautiful weather. Although the main aim for everyone was to survive his or her part of the relay, we managed to improve our results.

Our results at relay race (10+10+10+12km):

  • 169. „ALFUN 1“ – Tomáš Hudeček, Jiří Šulák, Zdeněk Šuba, Vladimír Slaný (3:43:27 hod.)
  • 338. „ALFUN 4“ – Jakub Zaprianov, Jan Polách, Petr Harkabus, Ladislav Rappensberger (4:04:25 hod)
  • 489. „ALFUN 3“ – Eva Štefancová, Alena Chlápková, Jana Matoušková, Šárka Mišurcová (4:25:28 hod)
  • 518. „ALFUN 2“ – Petra Čtvrtlíková, Vladimír Brídzík, Marcel Daniel, David Filipík (4:31:34 hod)

On 25th of June we will take part in Mattoni Olomouc half marathon, 8 of our relay teams are signed up so come to cheer our runners on!

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Aluminium price development

In April we witnessed the rapid increase in commodity prices. Aluminium is no exception and its price development is becoming one of the most discussed topics again in contrast to the last year when hardly any of the investors showed the interest.

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Sheets with the maximum width 2000mm

Dear customers, we have good news for you! If you need paperinterleaving, sheets with one-sided or double-sided foil or even if you need the printing on sheets we are able to satisfy your needs thanks to our new cut to lengths line which produces sheets with the maximum width 2000mm and was put into operation last year.

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The new administrative building

On the 23rd of December  a new administrative building of our company was opened. The new administrative building will provide more needed space for business meetings and it will also provide better working environment for all employees.

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Mustache for men's health

Over seven thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the Czech Republic every year and the number is still rising.

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New dispatching and storage hall was put into operation

In September 2015 a new dispatching and storage hall was put into operation. It is a part of the modern premises of the service center ALFUN a.s.

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