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Aluminium sheets – anodised


Anodized sheets are characterized by a higher resistance to environmental influences, moisture, UV rays, and scratching, and they are used both for interior applications (appliances, panelling) with an anodized coating up to 5 micrometers, and for exterior applications in the construction industry with an anodized coating over 10 micrometers.



Anodizing is the controlled process of chemically applying a protective layer of glass hardness in thicknesses of 2-20 micrometers to the surface of the aluminum sheet.




Technical terms of deliveries

EN 485-1

Dimensional and shape deviation tolerances

EN 485-4


Alloys suitable for anodizing:

The best alloy for anodizing is ENAW5005 H14/24, which provides for the repeatability of production, especially in design, and for batches of the same look. Nearly all aluminum alloys of the ENAW1xxx, ENAW3xxx ENAW5xxx, series can be anodised.

More information and options are available from the company’s sales department.


Dimensions in mmSheet
Thickness 1,0 - 3,0
Width 1 000 - 1 500
Length 2 000 - 3 000